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Important Topics For Exams – GIS

I would suggest you to be thorough with mid 1 and mid 2 questions. Though I cannot guarantee, following questions are good to go after mid questions.

Unit 1:

What are different components of GIS? (read here or NPTEL)

Explain different types of maps and map scales in GIS? (read here or NPTEL)

Explain different types of coordinate systems in GIS? (read here )


Unit 2:

What are raster and vector data models. Compare? (vector , raster or Read NPTEL for this topic)

Explain DBMS used in GIS? ( read here ) or (NPTEL)

What is ER model? (read NPTEL)


Unit 3:

Explain different types data input techniques in GIS? (Read here)

What are micro and macro components of accuracy in GIS. Explain? (Read here) I have given notes in classroom on this particular topic

How data is analysed in vector/raster data model? (NPTEL Go through this entire section in NPTEL)


Unit 4:

Explain various phases of implementation in GIS? (Notes Given in Class)

What is WebGIS. Explain its advantages? (Nptel second half portion of the page)

What are different strategies used in implementation of webGIS? (NPTEL)


Unit 5:

How GIS is used in road network planning? (read here) you have to summarize things presented here or from any such similar source

Explain use of GIS in mineral mapping? (read abstract, section 1, 2 and conclusions atleast)

How hazard zonation is done with GIS? (land slide presentation shared earlier. (from slide share). You can write same thing for multi criteria problem also)

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