Jayakar Committee Recommendations

After the first world war, there is a huge growth in the no of motor vehicles using the road. The roads present at that time have started deteriorating because of the mixed traffic conditions and more usage. Hence, resolution was passed by the Indian legislature to appoint a committee for examining and preparing a report on the road development in India. In response to the resolution, A committee was formed by the government in the year 1927, with M.R.Jayakar as chairman to study the condition of existing roads and requirements of new facilities. This committee is popularly known as the jayakar committee.

The committee examined the conditions of the existing roads and gave several recommendations. Following are the recommendations given by Jayakar Committee.

Jayakar Committee Recommendations:

Jayakar committee studied the existing conditions of the roads at that time and submitted its report in the year 1928. Various important recommendations given by the committee are as follows:

1. It Became beyond the capacity of the provincial (state) governments and local bodies to develop the road facilities. Hence, central government should take charge of the road development in the country considering as a national interest.

2. An Extra tax should levied on petrol from the road users for developing a fund which is meant for developing road facilities across the country. This development fund is called as “Central Road Fund“.

3. A semi-official body should be formed for pooling the technical ideas and knowledge from the various parts of the country.  It acts as an advisory body on the various aspects of the roads.

4. A research organization should be established to carry out the research and discover innovative methods related to the road development in India.

Most of the recommendations given by the Jayakar Committee were accepted and implemented by the government. Of the recommendations given, Central Road Fund is formed in the year 1929, Semi-Official technical body called as Indian Road Congress was formed in the year 1934, And the research institute called Central Road Research Institute (CRRI) is established in the year 1950.

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Expected Questions On this Topic:

  1. What are various recommendations given by the Jayakar Committee?
  2. Write short notes on Jayakar committee recommendations?

GATE Model Questions – Transportation Engineering:

1. Which of the following is not the recommendation of Jayakar committee?

a. Indian Road Congress                              b. Highway Planning Commission

c. Central Road Fund                                   d. CRRI


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