Remote Sensing and GIS Important Topics for Exams

Following are some of the important topics one has to be thorough with regard to the exams.

Unit 1:

  1. What are different types of photographs?
  2. Derive the equation for height difference using parallax equations?
  3. Explain mosaics, ground control?

Unit 2:

  1. Explain the process of remote sensing
  2. explain the concept of resolution in remote sensing?
  3. How electromagnetic energy interacts with earth surface features?
  4. How electromagnetic energy interacts with atmospheric features?

Unit 3:

  1. Explain various elements of image interpretation?
  2. Explain spectral properties of soil, water and vegetation?
  3. Explain supervised classification?
  4. Explain unsupervised classification?
  5. What are various techniques of contrast stretching?

Unit 4:

  1. What are various components of GIS?
  2. Explain vector data model?
  3. Explain raster data model?
  4. Explain different types of data input techniques in GIS?

Unit 5:

  1. Explain any one agricultural application of GIS?
  2. Explain any one water resource related application of GIS?
  3. Explain any one environmental related application of GIS?

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